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Nigel has Design Suggestions for his Website

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On June - 22 - 2011

Well actually his name was Mark, and he didn’t have a British accent, but the ensuing discussion was pretty accurate (sort of)… The cardinal rule of effective web design is to design for your target audience…not yourself. There are of course industry best practices…tempered with common

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Viral Radio Marketing?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On June - 9 - 2011

Web Presence Optimization is all about being in more places with more content to get in front of more people. Consumers used to spend a lot of time on a few media choices. Now they spend a little time on a lot of media choices. The trick is to get in front of as many of the “right” people as yo

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What is a Long Tailed Keyword… and Why Do I Want One?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On November - 12 - 2010

No the keyword “alligator” would not qualify… unless of course you sold alligators. Even then that single word is not what I am referring to. “alligator shoes” is better, but not quite the long tail I was looking for. How about “alligator shoes for women”? Now we’re heading in the r

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