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16 Jan
Social Media Tips for Your Business: New Year Twitter Etiquette Checkup

Posted by Maribel Guiste On January - 16 - 2012

Mind your manners – proper “twitterquette” is as valuable in the Twitterverse as in the real world.

Just because you’re not talking face-face with your customers when using social media tools like Twitter, doesn’t mean you can be less professional. And since it’s the New Year, let’s do a quick refresher of some Twitter etiquette points that may have gone to the wayside.



Let’s take a look at some social media tips for your brand’s Twitter presence:

Say Thank You. When someone follows you, and they’re not spammers, be polite and send a quick thank-you tweet. You can do this publicly, or even send a direct message (DM) if it’s an account you want to build a relationship with. Just be mindful of auto replies. They can seem a bit cold and unfriendly.

Apologize. When you make a mistake on Twitter, say so. There will most likely be a time when you slip up or say something you shouldn’t – everyone does it. But if you apologize and admit your mistake, it makes you the better Tweeter. People respect that.

Don’t just talk about your company. People love talking about themselves. So, instead of talking at them and constantly promoting what you have, talk about your followers. Retweet their articles, ask opinions and get them engaged in the conversation. They just may return the favor!

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all (or at least in front of everyone else). We’ve all seen the celebrity Twitter fights. If you have a gripe with someone, it’s a classy move to either just ignore it (odds are it’s not worth it) or DM them about it. There’s no need to drag all your followers into the battle.

Mass un-following. Un-following a large amount of people at once is not only unfriendly, it’s also considered a Twitter offense that could land you in “Twitter Jail” – making it impossible to tweet or engage with your community. Another way to land in Twitter Jail is send 100 tweets per hour or 1000 tweets per day. But if you DO find yourself in the proverbial Twitter Big House, don’t worry – it’s usually not for very long.

Be mindful of your language. This goes beyond just using foul language, but tone as well. Twitter can get pretty casual, so try to find a good medium between formal and friendly, even when others may not be. This doesn’t mean you have to write using your most formal language, but be mindful that your #goodreputation is on the line and what you say counts.

For more social media tips and how to update your digital marketing plan, follow our Twitter feed @WSIworld today.

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About the author: Maribel Guiste
Maribel Guiste, a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) leads WSI Franchise Operations in her role as Vice President and is WSI’s liaison to the more

  • Guy Hoogewerf

    So more plain old fashioned common sense, thanks… 

  • WSI Digital Marketing

    Hi Guy!
    That’s great you see it as just common sense – it means you’re doing things right!

    Some business owners just getting into the world of social media may see these as more helpful than someone who has been using social media tools for awhile. They may be fairly basic tips, but they’re also very important and something to definitely keep in mind. :)

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