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04 Jan
5 Top Social Media Tips for 2012

Posted by Ron McArthur On January - 4 - 2012

Discover a few tips to keep your social media strategy relevant in the New Year.

Your social media marketing strategy is as big a part of your business plan now as last year – if not more so. New technology is emerging almost on a weekly basis, yet keeping on top of the digital marketing trends is crucial to get the most out of your tools. So, what’s the buzz in social media in 2012?

Here are some of the top tips to keep your social media plan fresh and up to date.

1)      Saying “yes” to social media is imperative. If your marketing strategy doesn’t have social media elements, it’s not running on full power. The online marketplace is a busy spot and every tool that helps you get noticed has merit. Incorporating a social media plan using tools like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress takes very little time to implement and can make a huge difference in your ROI.

2)      Localization. One of the biggest trends of 2012 is the continuation of growth in localization. Mobile marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the past year with the growth in smartphone and tablet sales. According to Google research, 88% of smartphone users who look for local information act within a day. Try adding Facebook Places and FourSquare to your social media tool kit to put your business on the map.

3)      Content is (still) king. This may be one of the oldest tips in the social media world, but it never hurts to reiterate it once a year: Content is king. No matter how good your Search Engine Optimization is or how many platforms you’ve positioned yourself on, you have to say something people are interested in to get noticed. Be engaging, be interesting and stay fresh.

4)      Keep an eye on your ROI. With so many ways to engage with your audience, it’s important to be constantly aware of your online reputation as well as how these tools are directly affecting your business. Take advantage of web analytics and reputation programs like Google Analytics, Klout, Hootsuite and SayItSocial. These tools are wonderful for discovering what strategies are working and what needs to be re-vamped.

5)      Micro-economy marketing. Micro-economy means going straight to a consumer that will find your product useful or interesting. Pinterest is a good example of this. Individuals can “pin” a picture to a virtual bulletin board, be it a product or service, and those interested in that product will find it. Think of it like using a fishing pole rather than a net.

To get more tips that can enhance your social media strategy for 2012, contact a WSI Internet Consultant today.

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