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24 May
Webcasts and Podcasts

Posted by Tracy Spence On May - 24 - 2010

The biggest nerve we have in our body is the Optic Nerve. So, if we can show people what we mean through unique digital marketing tools instead of just asking people to read it by way of an article or a press release, then we stand more chance of people taking note of our PR.

A webcast is simple to do and often free. Like an article or a press release, you can add keywords for optimization, and you can push your webcast out to lots of different sites by syndicating it or posting details on your Facebook page, LinkedIn or Twitter etc.

Because a webcast is a visual thing, it is more easily understood by the majority of people in the world.  People learn in different ways, but these can be broken down into 3 generalities as seen below (VAK):

  • Visual (the majority of people like to See things, they learn with drawings and diagrams, webcasts are great for this learning style)
  • Auditory (Like to Listen, a webcast or  podcast is deal for these people)
  • Kinaesthetic (Touch and Feel – Show them what you do, let them experience you products or services)

If we can understand how our audience learns and takes in information, then we stand a good chance of reaching them. Just for fun, take the VAK NLP test and see what you are:

A webcast will appeal to the majority of learners, but a Podcast is ideal for people who have little time in life.

The beauty of a Podcast is that people can download your information and listen to it on the go. They can listen in the car on the way to work, whilst on their morning run, in the bath, whilst doing the ironing…

Again, a Podcast is often free to do and relatively simple too. Like a webcast you just need the right software or website, and a good speaker system to record your voice. With a webcast you will also need a presentation or camcorder, depending on your style.

If you have a useful podcast or webcast, perhaps you would like to let us know.

Additionally, we have countless more digital marketing techniques to get your business’ website noticed!

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About the author: Tracy Spence
At college, it was soon noticed that Tracy would excel in a job that was to do with Marketing and Communications. Her OND in Business Studies confirmed this when she achieved an outstanding 99% more

  • Andy @ FirstFound

    Great post, but I'd advise following up any video seminar with an article – just because it gives viewers something to refer back to if needs be.

  • Elaine Ellis

    Good points on the visual value of a webcast. I know we're considering doing them, and I've been hesitant as I think they tend to be boring. But the visual nature really does resonate with certain audiences.

  • spencewsi

    Andy, I totally agree.
    A podcast is great, but a follow up article is the professional thing to do.
    Your comment about viewers having something to refer back to is a very valid one, in fact if you write the article before hand you can mention it in your podcast.
    An article can also be printed, and this is great for the touchy feely audience too.
    Thanks for commenting.

  • spencewsi

    Thanks Elaine

  • ileane

    Hi Tracy. I saw this on Blog Engage and it's nice to find you there. I have a podcast on iTunes but I generate more traffic to my blog and my audience can find me more easily on my YouTube channel. Thanks!

  • spencewsi

    Hi Ileane, good to hear your comments, and good to hear too that you are using Social Media sucessfully.

  • Tracy Spence

    Hi Ileane, good to hear your comments, and good to hear too that you are using Social Media sucessfully.

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