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19 Aug
Protecting Your Online Reputation

Posted by Tracy Spence On August - 19 - 2010

If you are in the unfortunate position of receiving “bad press” then, along with dealing with the bad stuff, you need to make sure you bury it with good stuff.  This means featuring at the top of the search engines with your important brands, products and services. Even the smallest of businesses with the smallest websites can work towards this.


Perhaps there are some domain names out there that represent your products and services that you could buy. Perhaps you use abbreviations and had not considered looking into these. Collect as many as you can and create micro-sites and landing pages. If you ensure each is populated with unique content that includes the keywords you want to use, you may find that you can manage your own online reputation.

If you are clever, and pre-empt disaster, you can use this method as a means to “get there first” and this should be fairly easy. But be careful of the review sites that are seen as being very authoritative, as bad news here can be very hard to dislodge.

Link Building

Good Quality, relevant inbound links will really help. This is Ethical SEO, and most companies should be considering this as part of their digital marketing mix anyway. Your aim is to be dominating the first 30 spots for your keywords, and this could mean requiring a lot of links to your website. Why? Because most people who use the search engines will stop looking after the second page! Only a few will move to the third, and we need to ensure all 3 pages are covered.

Crisis Management

You need to expect it to be difficult to banish bad press if your particular story has made headline news. Forum and chat room discussions may continue for a while.  But if you have a strong brand, and have planned for such an event, and have good, ethical SEO already in place – complete with domain names and landing pages and micro-sites – this will be easier to manage than if you have to start from scratch.

If you are monitoring your reputation online at least you will know if it happens, and have the opportunity to deal with it.

Read more about all the WSI Digital Marketing services that can help maintain a positive online reputation for your business.

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About the author: Tracy Spence
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  • Deven Pravin Shah

    Hi Tracy, I also see the stress on building rich content on the website for the SEO ranking. And links are important like the way you explained.

    As an SEO strategy, would you rather not focus on one website, and add more content and links for that? I am wondering how the multiple domain names strategy factor into this? Or, does it?

    Thanks, Deven

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