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20 May
How Does Your Target Market Communicate?

Posted by Ron McArthur On May - 20 - 2010

When it comes to your customers’ media consumption habits, your customers no longer watch television commercials, or listen to the radio, or read magazines and newspapers. Why would they spend all that time on all those different (and slower) media outlets when everything is now at their fingertips on their laptops and smart phones?  Information – of any subject matter – can be accessed in real-time at the leisure and convenience of the consumer.

Even amongst each other, your consumers’ communication preferences are changing dramatically. Where lunch meetings or phone calls once took precedence, text messaging, IM, video chatting, email, and Twitter are becoming more and more predominant as communication tools. This is all a part of the digital revolution.  And as a forward-facing and innovative business owner, it’s your job to appeal to these communication preferences and use them to your advantage.

Preferred Communication Chart

But do all your customers communicate in the same fashion? Of course they don’t! The way your consumers communicate is highly dependent on many different factors like their social economic situation or their attitudes toward social technologies. But one easy way to compare the different communication habits can be through age.

If you take a look at the preferred communication chart, you’ll see your major market segments separated by generation-based groups of Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. And clearly, there is a vast difference with how they each choose to communicate. While one group’s main choice is Twitter, another group’s use of the same social media platform is almost non-existent!

So once you identify which age segment your business’ target market can be categorized into, appeal to them by using their most preferred communication tools. This will keep your business’ online presence with your target audience relevant.

Our site will help you find your local Digital Marketing Consultant who can help you realize the benefits of becoming a part of the Digital Marketing Revolution.

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