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03 Apr
What are the Elements of a Good Landing Page?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On April - 3 - 2010

There is no ‘one size fits all‘ checklist of elements that comprise a good landing page. However there are some common elements… a menu you might say, of various digital marketing concepts and best practices you might want to consider.

Don’t try to force-feed these elements onto your page just because they are on my list. Instead consider the basic concept of what I am trying to accomplish in my example below, and why I designed this landing page as I did.

  1. Branding: WSI is a brand unto itself and using our logo in a prominent position serves two purposes. First, it enhances the overall branding effort of the organization, and second, it allows my targeted PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign (for which I designed this landing page) to capitalize on the already established WSI brand. If your brand isn’t already established, this is a step in the right direction.
  2. Local Appeal: Naturally this is only important if you are a local company serving a specific area, or a national company with local representation. Studies show that most people gravitate to doing business with local companies. It is less about regional patriotism, and more about their own sub-conscience comfort level. My office has a toll-free number, and we serve the entire USA, but I chose to put our local phone number on top because the targeted nature of this PPC campaign will restrict this particular page from being seen outside this area code. I WANT people to see the local area code.
  3. Calls to Action: The topic of “Calls to Action” is worthy of an entire book, (and has been). I will cover this on a separate post. Suffice it to say that you want to reverse engineer what you want to accomplish, and then direct your visitors to the “top of the Sales Funnel” to get them started. Don’t rely on them to figure out what to do, or to be insentified to do it without prompting.
  4. Credibility: In this particular instance we recognize that the Internet is full of hucksters and pretenders. Touting one of our qualifications with a seal representing our qualifications is designed to elevate us and establish a sense of confidence in our abilities. This is particularly important in any industry involved in health, wealth, legal or large investments.
  5. Visitor Oriented: People want to know they are in good company (or at least appropriate company). These particular local search services are geared for the small and medium sized businesses. Displaying an image of our target market allows the targeted visitor to identify themselves with our service.
  6. Justifications: The target market is small and medium sized businesses. Although most people buy on emotion, they justify on reason. In this case I merely listed some relevant statistics as published by respected sources.
  7. Rich Media: People would rather watch than read. Rich Media is more engaging than the written word and statistically increases “time on site” and conversions. This particular video is of me explaining how we operate so our future clients will understand that we have a standardized process with repeatable steps, and presumably establishes a sense of confidence with my organizations and with me in particular.
  8. Above the Fold: The expression dates back to the way newspapers were displayed at newsstands. They were typically folded in half, thus you would only see the top portion at a glance. It was the visible headline on the top portion that attracted attention and drew the viewer in. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Today’s fold is the point on the computer monitor where you have scroll to see more. It is not necessary to squeeze everything above the fold… just the important stuff.
  9. Clarification: You have to make it very clear what this is all about, what you want them to do and what you will do for them.
  10. Bullet Lists: People don’t read on the internet… they scan. They see headlines, images and bullet points.

A note on positioning: Where you place the elements on your page are just as important as what you place on the page. I will cover this in a subsequent post about Eye Tracking.

So what’s below the Fold?

What you don’t see on this example is what I place below the fold. To support the Call to Action, Clarification and the Call to action I am offering my visitors a sample of our WebScan™ report, typical of what we would do for them.

To build credibility I offer 2 Testimonials from actual clients who have used these very services. It culminates with an invitation to fill in the form and contact us for a “FREE Evaluation.”

You can see the actual landing page in its entirety at:

Learn more about how you can pinpoint the areas of your existing landing pages that need improvement and optimization.

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About the author: Chuck Bankoff
Chuck Bankoff is a WSI Certified Research Analyst, and has certified other WSI Consultants around the world in Landing Page Design and more


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