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12 Sep
Cooking Up A Digital Marketing Strategy Part 2

Posted by WSI Corporate On September - 12 - 2010

In the first part of this article, we discussed what digital marketing is, how to pick the right strategy and the benefits of enlisting a Digital Marketing Consultant. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we can delve a little deeper into the subject. Specifically, we’ll be answering this question:

What can digital marketing do to expand my brand and help with brand recognition?

After all, the point of any marketing — digital or traditional — is to make your business’ online presence more visible and thereby increase your profitability.

Digital Marketing Explained:

Remember the children’s game “Telephone” where kids would sit in a circle and whisper into each other’s ears, quickly spreading a message? Digital marketing is a lot like that, except the message is being delivered from a multitude of channels and faster than ever. Your typical digital marketing campaign consists of e-mail marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Digital marketing also covers web advertisements and media coverage for your brand.

Digital Marketing Brand Strategies:

The secret of digital marketing is that it can expand your brand in ways never thought possible through marketing cooperation. For example, if your clothing store has a Facebook page, it can list your store’s location and hours as well as ways to sign up to receive special e-mail offers while providing a direct link to your website. In short, all parts of the digital marketing machine can work together and promote one another, meaning that no campaign goes unnoticed.

Communicating Through Digital Marketing:

Lastly, the best thing digital marketing can offer professionals is intimate communications with their clients. Through social media, customers can get to know your products and brand in a way that’s fun and interactive. With e-mailed discounts and surveys, business owners can get a sense of how people feel about their business. The walls between business owners and clients are now knocked down thanks largely in part to digital marketing.

We’ve covered a lot of digital marketing topics in a small space, so if you have more questions on how it can boost your business’ profitability, contact a local WSI Digital  Marketing Consultant.

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