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04 Aug
The 1-2-3’s of Landing Pages

Posted by Alison Lindemann On August - 4 - 2010

It is typical for people to jump into landing page development without first establishing a clear digital marketing strategy, and then confirming the purpose of their landing page.  Most landing pages have no clear purpose and not surprisingly, they don’t perform as well as intended.  Let’s start with a few questions you should ask yourself before your landing page is developed.

1. Is the content you’re planning to use for your landing page critical?

Much of the content on a typical website is not critical and thus should not be included in a landing page.  Some possibilities that fit this category are company mission statement, bios, job openings, and investor relations.  The most critical actions you want your landing page visitors to take are Call Us, complete a form, download our whitepaper, sign up for a free trial, etc.  If there is content that you feel will not add meaning to your desired action, don’t include it.

2. Who is your desired Landing Page audience?

Here are some possible visitor groups:

  • Prospective Clients
  • Current Clients
  • Strategic Business Partners
  • Media
  • Potential Investors
  • Employees

Many landing pages attempt to address the needs of all these groups, even though one group may be more important than another.  Your landing page should be developed for your most critical audience.  You should also consider building multiple landing pages if you have more than one critical group.

3. Understand the Desired Conversion you want to occur

Your desired action may not necessarily be to process an order.  Typically conversion actions are mini-actions that eventually may lead to an ultimate sale.  That sale may occur at a later date as you help your prospects down a path to conversion.  The most important criteria for your desired conversion is that it must be measureable.  Examples include download or print, subscriptions, click-through, form submission, phone calls and of course purchases.

Take the time to think through your Landing Page strategy and you will be rewarded with conversions!

Learn more about how you can construct a landing page geared toward enhancing your business’ website conversions.

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About the author: Alison Lindemann
Alison has been a consultant with WSI since 2004 after a 17 year career in the corporate insurance world.  She is based out of the Los Angeles area and has clients throughout the US.  Her expertise more

  • Andy Nattan

    I tend to ensure landing pages are tailored to specific products or services. That reduces bounce rates and ensures it's easy for people to buy straight away.

  • WSI Digital Marketing

    Great point Andy! One of the worst things you can do is have a generic landing page. The more specific you get, the more successful you'll be when it's time for your consumers to make a purchasing decision.

  • Alison Lindemann

    Hi Andy, I agree. Landing pages should be narrowly focused by product, service, visitor group and possibly geography….. all accompanied by testing and tweaking.

  • Deven Pravin Shah

    Hi Alison – Thanks for writing this.

    I liked the idea of having a separate landing page for each of the target group.

    I am always curious as to how to handle the first time visitors vs. repeat visitors. Would you consider having a separate page for repeat visitors to guide them further in the conversion process? Or, you would rather see one landing page for a product or service that a business wants to promote?


  • Alison Lindemann

    Hi Deven,

    I think it depends on your objectives but yes, having a different landing page for new visitors may make sense, especially if you have a compelling offer for that segment only. I would recommend using Google Website Optimizer to do some testing on your pages.

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