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05 Mar
Is it Time to Write an eBook?

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 5 - 2012

Think a successful eBook means just good writing? There are more things to think about than the words on the page.

If you have a talent for piecing together words and interesting ideas – than an eBook may just be your ticket to PR stardom. A well-written eBook is a perfect complement to a digital marketing plan, offering opportunities for both online and offline interest from journalists, instant links and it’s great for your online footprint. But, how do you start?



How-To’s for Writing an eBook 

  • Pick A Topic. Find a subject that is not only interesting to you, but would be to your readers too. Do a bit of research and see if anyone else has released a similar eBook. Explore different angles of the same product.
  • Write Every Day. Pretty self explanatory. Write every day, even if you don’t really feel like it. A little trick? Never start the day with an empty page. Once you finish a page and you’re close to finishing for the day, write a paragraph on the next page. It’s amazing how words on a page can drum up creativity.
  • Edit…A Lot. Although it’s easy to edit an eBook even when it’s been published, you definitely don’t want errors floating around the web if you can help it. Get someone else with an eagle eye to look it over.
  • Format. Check which format each distributor needs. The two main formats are ePub and PDF.

Tips for Boosting  Online Visibility 

  • Send it to others in the same industry or people you look up to and try to get a recommendation.
  • Send a free copy to bloggers and ask for a review – be prepared for both good and bad feedback!
  • Use social syndication channels like Digg, Delicious and Diigo.
  • Write to newspapers, TV hosts, radio stations, journalists and magazines using an interesting angle.
  • Apply to speak at conferences.

Know Your ISBN

Although an eBook is online, it’s still a book in the legal sense – according to the government and most of the outlets you’ll want to send it to. Many outlets, such as iTunes, require books to be registered with a proper ISBN. This process is around $100. For Canada, the ISBN is free, but can take a few days to process. You should always double-check the legal process in your jurisdiction before throwing your electronic book onto the market. Find out more about purchasing an ISBN here

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