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27 Feb
Is Your Blogging Effective?

Posted by Francois Muscat On February - 27 - 2012

Writing your blog blindly may mean you’re missing out on an important aspect of a functioning social media plan – blog analytics.

If you have been blogging for awhile, how do you measure if your efforts are successful? What topics on your blog are read the most? Following your blog stats is important to the success of your blog, and gives you an idea of the direction to take your blog. You can use Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Statcounter, Awstats and other analytics software to give you these answers.


Before you can start measuring how successful your blogging is, you need to have a purpose for your blog. Blogs that address a particular subject and audience are the ones with the largest readership. Interested readers will return if they like what they read. If you usually write about a wide variety of subjects, then you won’t have a chance to develop many repeat visitors.


If what you write is interesting and informative, your visitors will give you feedback on what interests them, even if they don’t leave comments. You will see an increase in the number of visitors and comments if you write something interesting. You can listen, watch and then use this to deliver more of the content that your audience likes.

You can use your analytic stats to measure the following:

  1. Number of Unique & Returning Visitors: If nobody visits your blog then your blog is not effective. If you write blog posts 3 times a week, which of those created yields the highest number of visitors? Research and review what you did and create more of the same blog posts. Return visitors are also important. Are they returning to read more?
  2. Comments: Which of your blog posts have the highest number of discussions and comments? Was it the subject of your blog post? It may have been your writing style or the questions that you asked your audience.
  3. Length of Stay: How long does your average visitor stay on your blog? Were they on your blog for 30 seconds or for a couple of minutes? The goal is to keep people reading and to stay on the page for longer periods of time.
  4. Entry Pages: What blog posts attracts the most visitors over time? These are the blog posts that your visitors found on the search engines long after you have written them.  These are your blog readers’ favorites.
  5. Location: Where are your blog readers coming from? Google Analytics allows you to view not only the country and state, but the city too. This is important if your blog geared specifically for local businesses.

There are other tools that you can use to measure how successful your blogging is, but the first step to look at is the blog analytics. This can paint an important picture of where your blog needs improvement.

Looking for new ways to increase blog traffic? Contact a WSI Internet Consultant today and update an important piece of your digital marketing plan.

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