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19 Oct
How to Create A Steady Stream of Great Content

Posted by David Duncan On October - 19 - 2010

With so many social media sites out there, blogging, tweeting, YouTube – the Internet is littered with a veritable treasure trove of usable content for savvy marketers. Yet for the uninitiated, knowing where to start can prove a daunting task.

Whilst it can be tempting to grab the nearest social media platform and launch a digital marketing assault, the absence of a measured, viable strategy will ultimately spell failure. Knowing what to put and where to put it is the key here, along with stringent content quality control. A targeted, concise approach will pay dividends in the long term.

1. Understanding your audience
Taking a little time out to assess your target audience will ultimately dictate the success of your long term goals. Different audiences have different needs, desires and expectations. Choosing topics and defining your message becomes simple when you know who you’re trying to reach.

2. Creating a message
The central focus of any successful marketing strategy should extend beyond simply pushing a product or service. An aggressive strategy is likely to fail more often than it succeeds and can easily damage your brand image long term.

Understanding what your audience wants and why they want it is the key to successfully engaging them.

Larger businesses for example will need to consider the bigger picture, perhaps interweaving content with related current affairs stories and think pieces to pull readers in. Small, local businesses might consider quirky anecdotes or local links to build an audience relationship. Tailor your content and the rest will follow.

3. Pace yourself
Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, adding videos to YouTube or updating your website – consistency is critical to success. Many would-be marketers start out with good intentions, falling at the first hurdle as they either lose interest or their marketing efforts take a back seat to the demands of work.

If daily updates aren’t viable, consider that monthly may not be enough to keep the content fresh and engaging. Create a realistic schedule that suits you and plan your content for the coming month in advance, or even a week at a time. This way you’re less likely to fall off the wagon straight away.

4. Plan a content calendar
In much the same way as your favourite magazine features monthly columns or weekly articles dedicated to a particular subject, linking relevant content to your schedule will help to pull your audience in. If a subject yields a particularly positive response from your readership, consider making it a regular feature.

5. It’s good to talk
Short of ideas? A great way of finding fresh and engaging content ideas is to speak with fellow professionals in your field. Not only does this help to both build relationships and garner fresh ideas, but can also serve as useful content itself as a ‘spotlight’ style feature. If you have been to a local conference then write about some of this material.

Make a list of individuals you might like to interview and if it works for you, make it a regular feature in your content calendar a little variety is more likely to keep your audience engaged.

Learn more tools and techniques for strengthening your business’ content marketing strategy!

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About the author: David Duncan
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  • A.Tatum

    Good points. Sometimes it take me a little longer to post because I try my best to find new things are something that’s really not being talked about.

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