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27 Mar
Organize Social Media Efforts with an Editorial Calendar

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 27 - 20121 COMMENT

Create a map to a successful digital marketing strategy with an editorial calendar. Isn’t That a Publishing Thing? Your company’s blog posts and written social media efforts may be online, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think like a traditional “publisher”. One of the best tools a magazine editor has is their editorial calendar. This simple and effective tool plans out all activity over a few months or up to  a year in advance. How to Start The best place to... (more...)

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16 Mar
Build an Infographic Easily With Create

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 16 - 20121 COMMENT

Adding an infographic to a marketing plan is now a breeze for just about anyone – graphic designer or not.  Infographics were once a thing reserved strictly for really great graphic designers. Now, with the release of the Create, anyone can turn stats and facts into beautiful works of art. Well, into pre-made templates. Now there’s no reason you can’t add a little fun to those figures and get attention from your audience in a new way. Easy Infographics  At this point (more...)

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12 Mar
Social Media Tool to Keep an Eye on: TweetAngel

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 12 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Too busy to watch what people are saying about you on Twitter? TweetAngel may have a solution. As much as social media can boost the visibility of a business, it also opens a bit of a pandoras box. Once you invite customers to tweet about your business, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that not all comments and sentiment will be glowing recommendations about your customer service and wonderful products. In fact, people are much more likely to complain about a business than give it... (more...)

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08 Mar
Keep an Eye on: Zaarly for Business

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 8 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Marketplace startups are making quite a splash right now. But what does that have to do with the digital marketing plan of a business owner? More than you think. Zaarly has been on the scene for a few months now, but it continues to make news by evolving its services. Most recently, Zaarly added a Small Business arm to the model. This change has made businesses owners definitely take note. What is Zaarly? Zaarly is a service that connects goods with those who need those goods. Think of it as a... (more...)

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WSI is proud to announce the opening of our newest Regional Master Franchise Office in Paris, France! As digital marketing continues to grow into a mainstream ideal, it becomes imperative for WSI to branch out to new locations all over the world. We’re very excited to announce our most recent expansion is the addition of a new Regional Master Franchise Office in Paris, France. WSI Expands Its Reach Internationally Headed by Jean-Francois Baudrais, this new Master Franchise office will cover regions... (more...)

Category: Franchise Development, WSI Internet Franchise In The News
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05 Mar
Is it Time to Write an eBook?

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 5 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Think a successful eBook means just good writing? There are more things to think about than the words on the page. If you have a talent for piecing together words and interesting ideas – than an eBook may just be your ticket to PR stardom. A well-written eBook is a perfect complement to a digital marketing plan, offering opportunities for both online and offline interest from journalists, instant links and it’s great for your online footprint. But, how do you start?     How-To’s... (more...)

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02 Mar
Facebook Timeline for Brands

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 2 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Is the addition of the Facebook Timeline a dream or nightmare for the marketer? Well, that’s actually up to you. Traditionalists take note: Just when you thought you had a handle on Facebook, it’s going to change the way Brand Pages will function. On March 30th, Facebook will be switching all the brand pages to the new “Timeline” function. The bad news? You’ll have to readjust your current social media strategy. The good news? You get to readjust your current social media strategy.... (more...)

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01 Mar
LinkedIn Adds Their “Follow Company” Button

Posted by Maribel Guiste On March - 1 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Earlier this week on their blog, LinkedIn announced the arrival of their “Follow Company” button.  So, what exactly does this mean for business owners? Although LinkedIn is still seen primarily as a recruitment site, they are making changes toward being a more social media-friendly outlet for businesses and marketers alike. The addition of the “Follow Company” button earlier this week has definite perks for not only job seekers, but business owners as well. Like all social media marketing... (more...)

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29 Feb
Mobile Networking with Forecast

Posted by Maribel Guiste On February - 29 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Why leave your meeting up to chance, when you can leave it up to Forecast? Location-based social applications have been enjoying a fair amount of both popularity and publicity, but there seems to be a gap. With Foursquare, you check in where you are with the idea that perhaps one of your friends will be near and join you at the local cafe. There’s an element of chance. One of the newest location apps to appear on the market is Forecast – and it’s taking chance out of the equation. What’s... (more...)

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27 Feb
Is Your Blogging Effective?

Posted by Francois Muscat On February - 27 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Writing your blog blindly may mean you’re missing out on an important aspect of a functioning social media plan – blog analytics. If you have been blogging for awhile, how do you measure if your efforts are successful? What topics on your blog are read the most? Following your blog stats is important to the success of your blog, and gives you an idea of the direction to take your blog. You can use Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Statcounter, Awstats and other analytics... (more...)

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