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29 Dec
Offline Conversions – Measuring Phone Calls

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On December - 29 - 20101 COMMENT

One thing that many businesses overlook is how important offline conversions are. When reviewing the success of your SEM program, you should remember that often times people find you on the Internet, but choose to visit your place of business or simply call instead of using the Internet to make their conversions. Offline conversions can be hard to track, but if you are not tracking them, the ROI data for your online campaign will not be accurate and might cause you to under-budget your SEM program. Phone... (more...)

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22 Dec
Local or international social networks?

Posted by Francois Muscat On December - 22 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Social networking (Web 2.0) channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook have exploded in popularity and they are growing continuously in the digital marketing realm. There are literally thousands of international social networking channels to choose from each with their own specialities and niches. Social network communities retains the interests of their members by being useful to them.  Some of the popular social networks provides services that’s entertaining as well.  These services can... (more...)

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16 Dec
I am running out of ideas for my blog! (Part 1)

Posted by Tracy Spence On December - 16 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

When we start to blog, our minds are full of great ideas. We are keen and enthusiastic. As we go further down the line, and we know we should be blogging on a regular basis, we come up against “writers block” or in our case “bloggers block”. So where do we start to look for ideas? Here are a few suggestions that could help you, but please remember, this should only spark an idea for content that is your own work; do NOT blatantly  copy someone else’s efforts. 1. Think about when you... (more...)

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15 Dec
Where is the Limit of Facebook?

Posted by Alejandro Odio On December - 15 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

In a recent article published in FayerWayer by Cony Sturm, he presents a world map, in which the countries where Facebook is the social media market leader are shown. This leadership is gained by having the highest market share within the social media options in the related country.  Even though you might think that all social media options are available to every person in every country, in reality this is not true, as there are some very specific applications that are developed for a small number... (more...)

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14 Dec
What Are Key Performance Indicators?

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On December - 14 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are the metrics most indicative of how well your digital marketing campaign is performing. These are the big things that “move the needle”. For example: if you have a high “Bounce Rate” (visitors come to your website and never go beyond the landing page) that is an indication that there is an issue with the relevance of your landing page to the visitor. There is no one set of standard KPI’s for every business, it really depends on what your objectives are.... (more...)

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Last week WSI held our last webinar of 2010! It was another excellent educational session and a great way to end the year of our Internet Marketing Expert Series. Facilitated by Constant Contact, an Authorized Supplier to the WSI Internet Franchise network and a leading provider of email marketing solutions, webinar attendees were given expert insight into the innovative online strategy of fusing together 2 essential digital marketing tools: social media and email marketing. It was an educational... (more...)

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10 Dec
Twitter Benefits in a Nutshell

Posted by Francois Muscat On December - 10 - 20102 COMMENTS

Over the weekend one of my family members asked me a question “What’s the benefits of using Twitter?” I have decided to put a short post together outlining some of them. I mostly use Twitter for researching and to promote my content. Usually when I have written a new post, I post a description with a link of the post I have made. Find some benefits of using Twitter below: Researching: Research industry specific topics. Great way to get topics for new Blog posts; Communication... (more...)

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07 Dec
Anatomy of a Facebook Business Page

Posted by Chuck Bankoff On December - 7 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Just like the IRS insists that you separate your personal finances from your business finances, the same is true with your Facebook Personal page and your Facebook Business Page. Sure, it’s OK to have fun on your business page; in fact, it’s desirable. But at the end of the day, it does represent your business. There are entire whitepapers ready to write themselves about the type of content to post on your business page, marketing the pages, etc., but what I want to focus on now is the branding... (more...)

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We are less than a day away from WSI’s last free webinar of 2010, “The Power of Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.” And just in the nick of time, is the release of our complimentary whitepaper to supplement the invaluable insights and tips to be shared during tomorrow’s webinar sessions. More and more, business owners and marketing savvy professionals like yourself are learning the how-to’s of leveraging the latest digital marketing tools and techniques. So the focus for tomorrow’s... (more...)

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02 Dec
What social media tools are you most likely to use?

Posted by Francois Muscat On December - 2 - 20102 COMMENTS

Social Media (Web 2.0) can be found almost everywhere on the web.  The online viewing public has shifted towards a more social media approach and many popular search engines are already incorporating social media results in their complex search engine algorithms. Even though Social Media (Web 2.0) has been around for quite some time, many online businesses are following this popular digital marketing trend to market their products, services and to establish their brand online. Social Media... (more...)

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