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The Channel Development Team at WSI was extremely excited to work with The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES)  Franchise Consultant Susan Strong and her franchise candidate Johannes Beekman. Susan helped guide her candidate through the WSI franchise selection process and their feedback is featured here:

Johannes Beekman – WSI Internet Franchise owner

Johannes Beekman, WSI Internet franchise owner

Johannes Beekman, WSI Internet franchise owner

Starting a franchise is never easy; starting a franchise while transitioning from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world is interesting. And when you have never been exposed to the franchise world and learn about all the interesting franchises, and their challenges, that are out there, it becomes challenging.

I enjoyed working with Susan Strong. Susan is a business coach with The Entrepreneur Source, and she coached me through the entire process. Of course, The Entrepreneur Source has a well defined process to find the best business opportunity. But it still takes a well organized business coach with a strong network and good follow up to answer all the questions a budding entrepreneur can think of.

When you are in the process of selecting a franchise some franchises seem interesting when you first hear about them but the more you learn about them the less you like them. WSI was the opposite; the more I learned about WSI the more I liked the franchise and the company. But there is only so much that you can learn about a franchise by reading. And half way through the process I was wondering: “Where is the beef?” or rather “What is the beef?” That quarter dropped when I started talking with several – very knowledgeable – franchisees who explained to me that they were the online marketing department for their customers.

Understanding a business is essential but when you start a business you also have to ask yourself ‘Where is the money?’ And when I mentioned that to WSI, they were able to show me within a day that the Digital Marketing market has been showing double digit growth rates for a number of years now and that segments of this market are growing at an even faster rate.

The WSI franchise development process is well developed and well thought through and I appreciated working with the different people at the different stages in the process. - Johannes Beekman, WSI Franchise owner

Susan Strong – The Entrepreneur’s Source

Susan Strong - The Entrepreneur's Source

Susan Strong - The Entrepreneur's Source

My first conversation with Johannes occurred back in December 2010 when I learned that his company was moving their headquarters from Austin, Texas to the east coast. Johannes had significant leadership experience in high tech and an MBA from Wharton and was interested in exploring franchise businesses in the IT space.  He started his validation with several businesses in late February and quickly narrowed his focus down to WSI. From the very beginning of his validation, Johannes was very impressed with the people and products at WSI.  He completed a very thorough validation and his final decision was cemented when he found articles indicating the size and the growth rate of segments of the Digital Marketing market realizing online marketing was one of the strongest growth markets that he had seen. Johannes was a terrific client to work with.  He is extremely professional, thoughtful and steady in his follow-up throughout the process.  I have every confidence that Johannes will be extremely successful in his new venture with WSI.

My experience working with WSI throughout my client Johannes Beekman’s validation process was stellar.  They kept me appraised of Johannes’ progress every step of the way so that I could understand how best to provide value to Johannes’ learning process.   I have recently put another client into validation with WSI as I am confident that any client I introduce to WSI will be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. – Susan Strong, Franchise Consultant TES

If you’re interested in learning about the type of candidates that are a good fit for the WSI Internet franchise or if you’re a franchise consultant, franchise advisor, franchise broker or franchise Coach, and want to learn our business model to present WSI, kindly contact:

Jam Hashmi

VP Channel Development, WSI Digital Marketing

ph: 888-678-7588 x 1278 | email:

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