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24 Sep
WSI Global Convention Presentation: Power of Online Credibility

Posted by Gregg Towsley On September - 24 - 2010

What does your ‘Google Resume’ say about you?

Take a moment and think about your last purchases. You may have bought a car, booked a vacation, hired a plumber or carpet cleaner, or perhaps you bought concert tickets. As you went through the purchase process, did you have positive interactions or negative interactions? As you were ready to complete that purchase,  did you think about the trustworthiness of that individual or company?

Credibility is something that happens with every interaction throughout your entire day, every day. Sometimes it happens subconsciously; other times, we take action by doing research on the Internet or talking with others. For you as an employee or business owner, it is important to be credible and trustworthy…especially if you want people to buy from you and/or if you want to influence others.

Our future is digital and it is becoming more social and searchable. Information is moving faster than ever and access to information is improving every day. Our devices (IPad’s, Smart Phones, Laptops, Video Cameras) and applications (Facebook, YouTube, Google, Yelp) that we use every day are fueling the growth of our digital world and the face of digital marketing.  Communication used to be on-to-one or one-to-many; now communication can be one-to-thousands or one-to-tens-of-thousands. A Facebook comment or YouTube video can go viral in minutes. The examples are endless.

Now is the time to protect, manage, and monitor your digital profile.

Everyone has a “Google Resume” – your “Google Resume” is the search results people see when they Google your name and/or business name –it’s important to control what others see about your profile. For a human resources professional, I imagine a key step in their qualification process of a new hire is to look at the candidate’s “Google Resume” before making them an offer.  As a sales professional, you are missing a huge opportunity if you do not look at the “Google Resume” of the people you are meeting with in your next business meeting. Do

it: you will be presently surprised at what you see and what you can do with the information from someone’s “Google Resume.”

Are you trustworthy?

You will be amazed at how easy it is to protect and manage your personal and your company’s “Google Resume”. Here are some steps:

1. Build online profiles on popular social networks and business directories. (top 20 local directories) Google a specific company name and automatically you will see the company’s Google Places page, their Twitter account, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp profile page.  

2. Be Social. After you have built your business profile on the popular business and social networking directories, publish relevant content. This content can be about your industry and about your services. It can be videos, industry specific news stories, blog posts, business tips, how to’s, testimonials etc. Regularly updating these popular sites will keep them relevant and high in the Google search results as someone searches your company name.

3. Encourage customers and clients to write reviews on your listings. Search engines will favor businesses that have the most reviews. Google Places and Yelp are two sites on which customers can write reviews. LinkedIn is another site which will gather client and customer recommendations.

Lastly, beware of who talks about you online (and what they say). Create a Google Alert for your name and/or your company. If something is said about you or your business, you may have to set the record straight.

Building your online credibility is your job. Take it seriously. It could be the #1 thing between you landing a $1,000,000 contract or the dream job you’ve always wanted.

Learn more about how your digital profiles can help establish or improve your company’s Google Resume!

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